Our hygiene promise.

Hygiene measures at the Tauernherz.

“Everything used to be different.” It’s a common complaint. But there really has been a lot of change, even in the last few months. There are certain turning-points in life, moments when the future changes direction. This is one of those times – 

and suddenly everything is different. “Holiday” has suddenly become more than just a word. More than just a place. It’s a new idea. It’s the place you feel drawn back to, where you spent precious time. Where leisure really does mean you are free to slow down a little. Where there are people you can trust. We are grateful for that trust. So we have raised our standards of hygiene and cleanliness yet again.

  • We have introduced new and improved hygiene measures, in effect right now. (Disinfectant dispensers have been a standard feature at our hotel for many years now, along with cleaning products with virucidal effects...)
  • We have intensified employee training in the areas of cleaning products, hygiene and general cleanliness.
  • We have increased the frequency of our cleaning procedures to ensure that even our apartments (excepting kitchens) are cleaned every day. This represents a significant improvement in our hygiene standards.
  • Our location outside of town, away from the all the hustle and bustle and crowds, makes our hotel a great place to retreat from the world.
  • Our public areas provide plenty of room for each individual guest, so we can implement all necessary distancing measures without difficulty.
  • Our apartments are a particularly good place to withdraw and “keep to yourself”, with plenty of space to retreat to.

We are keeping our distance – which is helping us stay together! 
It’s making our hearts grow fonder!
We look forward to your visit!

Your hosts, Katharina and Florian Hofer, with Isabella and the Tauernherz team.

The Tauernherz

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