Soak up some heat and let the warmth fill you.

Sauna facilities

In the sauna oasis of the four-star Hotel Tauernherz.

Put the bounce back in your stride. Replenish your energies and warm your soul. Simply stop and wholeheartedly celebrate the moment. Take a journey into the centre of your self. Forget the heartaches of the past. Look ahead. Look within. Listen to your heartbeat, and simply exist in the eternal moment! Step into the heartening warmth of the magnificent sauna oasis at Hotel Tauernherz. Gentle aromatic steam wafts around you, bearing delightful scents and a relaxing sensation of well-being and pure relaxation.

Feel a gentle wave of warmth enfold you as you take in the Alpine style and perfect, soothing interplay of colours, ranging from aubergine and sandy beige to delicate pink and wood tones. You are experiencing the immersive and uplifting sensations of the Panta Rhei (“everything flows”) approach, as your energy channels open up and you join the flowing universe. You will soon find a new form of balance, harmony and peace within yourself. Enjoy pure well-being in your hotel with sauna in Obertauern when you visit the infrared cabin, herbal sauna, panoramic quiet room or steam bath.

Our sauna oasis with:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Herbal sauna
  • Infrared cabin
  • Steam bath
  • Plunge pool
  • Quiet rooms

Don’t rush off to save the world
Or desperately check your email, schedule and weather forecast
Take a breath and contemplate
Let your heart sing with peace

The Tauernherz

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