Après-ski, aperitif or nightcap.

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Meet up by the fireplace. No matter if it’s stormy, snowing or the icicles are clinking outside, the atmosphere in the bar is always cosy and delightful. The Kaminbar in the four-star Tauernherz is your number one meeting place for an aperitif and the perfect end to a perfect day. It’s an inspiring oasis where you can spend the afternoon chilling out in a comfortable wing chair with a good book, an aromatic cup of tea or coffee and a slice of fresh cake. It’s the place to meet up and enjoy a fine liqueur or a glass of effervescent champagne for the perfect ending to your day on holiday at the four-star hotel in Obertauern.

To drink or not to drink: it’s hardly even a question at the Tauernherz in Obertauern.

Such a diverse world of wines in the Kaminbar at the Tauernherz. To bring that world within reach, our very own wine magazine SINNESLUST offers a fresh and fruity taste of the wines of the region. Far from just sour grapes, the publication introduces readers to many a bold mouthful. Before the crackling fireplace, a range of wine lover’s delights will sweep you away into a world of sensual desire with a light, fruity and refined white with a hint of exotic pineapple, a subtle, velvety red featuring translucent notes of cranberry with a hint of cassis, or a lively, effervescent Prosecco Rosé.

An element of enjoyment
A touch of tartness
A suggestion of singularity
And a smidgen of sparkle

Your heart-warming winter holiday.

A dose of delight at the restaurant in Obertauern.

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