The Obertauern family ski region – unique in all of Austria.

The Obertauern family ski region

The four-star Tauernherz in Austria’s family ski region.

Winter sports and Obertauern are virtually inseparable. You might even talk about the “A to Obertauern” of ski sports, here in the centre of the Tauern. The endless possibilities for carving, snowboarding, snowbiking, snowkiting, winter hiking, cross-country skiing and exploring the snow park will gladden the hearts of all snow fanatics and true enthusiasts.

Our future ski stars can enjoy a play-based learning experience as they take their first steps on the snow and carve out elegant snow-ploughs on the baby slopes by the practice lift right outside Hotel Tauernherz, or in Bibo Bear’s family ski park. They will discover the joys of movement, enjoy a lighthearted first experience of winter sports and develop their motor skills. Bibo Bear himself learned everything he knows from the animal team: Anton Eagle, Gundi Goose, Harry Hare and Ricky Roe Deer. So kids and others will enjoy a completely relaxed learning environment as they tackle the basics of skiing: concentration and alertness, orientation on the slopes, a sense of balance, familiarity with the tempo, curving, carving and much, much more.

The Geisterbahn ghost train in the fairytale park on the Schaidberg railway

Test your courage with a change of pace. It’s not for the fainthearted! Spooky fun by the slopes is the motto of the special spooky slope on the Schaidberg railway, where a 30-metre wooden tunnel is filled with unlimited adventures and ghostly figures. So let’s explore the ghostly gallery!

An alternative to skiing

If the little ones are running out of enthusiasm for sailing down the slopes, the Obertauern region still has a few other options on offer. Children love to ride bikes – even in the snow. Balance and steadiness are put to the test when you try a snowbike ride. Cross-country skiing and the biathlon might prove to be popular alternatives on your next winter holiday at the Tauernherz. Otherwise, a toboggan ride is always a good choice for variety, especially when the children can travel up the mountain on a Skidoo before they start.

For the world champions and superstars of the future

Racing is fun, and makes you want more. Our future Olympic medallists can challenge themselves to try and make it through the goalpoasts of our racetrack in Obertauern. The Kirchbühel and Schönalm lifts provide the opportunity for the whole family to carve their way through the Stangenwald forest – and then choose a family champion. Timekeeping is included at the Sonnenlift 3 and the Schrotteralmlift.

Whatever your winter wish may be, we’ve got something for everyone.

Enchanting flakes
Glittering ice
Carving kids
And laughing eyes

That’s your heart-warming winter holiday.

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