Heart-warming. Your hotel in Obertauern, surrounded by undisturbed nature.


Getting to the heart of sustainability. Live & unplugged.

Emotion in motion. Emotion in motion. We are all just guests on this planet. and we would like to be welcome and feel at home.  The TAUERNHERZ is intended to be a holistic step forward towards a new evolution. Grandpa Franz is a forest farmer from the bottom of his heart, so naturally the Tauernherz is a natural wood hotel built using climate-neutral timber from the local area. Our own biomass heating system, using woodchips from our own forest lands, warms the heart and soul as well as the body. We are living true to our personal responsibilities and making a journey of self-discovery. We want to achieve new and greater things, without getting any bigger. We are growing into a new dimension.

Our land has a heart of limestone, and tales and legends flit about like swallows among the cliffs and crevices of the Tauern.  They are propelled by the wind, sometimes darting upward, sometimes swooping down, and then landing gently in the valley. These delicate threads of the stories written by life every day are woven together into a very special kind of well-grounded storytelling. And the fact remains:

you need to recharge your batteries by immersing yourself in nature before you can return to your everyday life, refreshed and full of exuberance!
Here, the sun’s gold rays enticing
Here, the light-filled heart rejoicing
Vibrant life a spreading feeling
Like coming home.

The Tauernherz.
A heart-warming winter holiday.

The Tauernherz

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