Winter sports in Obertauern

Cross-country & biathlon

Winter fun, snow-packed action & flake-filled frolics!

There’s always something going on in Obertauern. Whether you are cross-country skiing in Obertauern or shooting into the blue in a biathlon, Obertauern offers almost unlimited winter sports for guests of all ages.

Cross-country skiing & skating

The Hundsfeld trail

Access to this six-kilometre, sunny-side cross-country ski trail in Obertauern is located just north of the Obertauern sports centre. The loveliest part of the trail stretches right across the Hundsfeldmoor nature conservation area, and finishes with a swift descent back to the sports centre. You can also get onto the Hundsfeld trail next to the Kieteplatz.

The World Cup trail

Access to this ten-kilometre cross-country trail in Obertauern is located right next to our hotel. The trail is ten kilometres long and of moderate difficulty, making it perfect for experienced cross-country skiers.

The Gnadenalm trail

This trail starts about four kilometres from Obertauern (towards Radstadt). The Gnadenalm trail is one of the most reliably snow-covered cross-country trails in the entire Alpine region. You can find more information on cross-country skiing in Salzburg at

The Twenger Au cross-country ski trail

This 23-kilometre trail runs between Tweng and Mauterndorf. Access points are located beside Franzenbauer in the centre of Tweng, on the Holzlagerplatz in Twenger Lantschfeld, opposite the Purnbauer in Vordertweng and beside the Maly bus stop.

The Taurach cross-country ski trail

Untertauern and Radstadt are connected by this 13-kilometre cross-country ski trail. The indescribable panoramic views that you will enjoy when cross-country skiing along this trail in Salzburg are sure to live on in your memory for years to come.

A shot of fun with biathlon

Biathlon in Obertauern is an exciting combination of an endurance sport and pinpoint accuracy – and the whole family can join in. And while it sounds almost impossible, it’s actually not hard at all. The best thing is to try it for yourself. 

Another exciting alternative to skiing in Obertauern is the new concept of airboarding, which feels like speeding down the slope on an air mattress. 

The Tauernherz

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