Heartening. Your wellness hotel in Obertauern.


Warm the cockles of your heart in our hotel with SPA in Obertauern.

SPA. Sanus per aquam – health through water. Our heart’s ease. But isn’t it also about a new kind of sensuality? Sensualitam per aquam? Water revitalises the senses. Water is a precious liquid, and we handle it with care. Every drop is treasured at our wellness hotel in Obertauern.

How happy is that brief moment when we can forget about time. Happiness is like a butterfly, fluttering out of reach every time you try to catch it. Only when you find inner stillness and your heart is at peace will this beautiful companion with the silky, colourful wings pay you a visit. When you pamper your senses with a visit to our sauna oasis. Perhaps even in the relaxing quiet room. Or while floating in the warm waters of the family wellness facilities in Obertauern.

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