An infinity pool with panoramic views.

Swimming pool

The water of life and a place of power at your four-star Hotel Tauernherz in Obertauern.

The ultimate in relaxation. On top of it all, utterly relaxed – and perfectly sublime. Let it all go, plunge in and be uplifted at your ski hotel with swimming pool in Obertauern. We invite you to explore your enjoyment of the water with the added dimensions of floating, drifting and wafting. “If you want to rise up, you have to be prepared to relinquish the ground beneath your feet and immerse yourself in the new forms of floating, flying and flowing.”

“Everything flows and nothing abides; there is only an eternal process of becoming and transformation.” Water is the supreme elixir of life. An eternal river, a metamorphosis, a constant change.  From a philosophical viewpoint, for us this means that existence is the process of becoming the whole. Let life flow in our hotel with swimming pool in Obertauern. Enjoy the comfort of the warm pool, soaking in the liveliness, energy and effervescent joie de vivre, and taking a relaxed glide through the water at a pleasant 31°C. It’s all the same process: the transition from day to night, from one season to another, and from adventure to enjoyment and relaxation.

Our swimming facilities in Obertauern also include a toddler pool, so even our youngest guests can have their fill of splashing and lighthearted play in the water. Water is life, water is the essence and water is the origin of everything. We let it burble, sparkle and flow in all its power, energy and effervescence to revitalise our guests!

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