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Sometimes time stands still. We sink into pure feeling, sensing the movement of life rolling wave-like over us and away, leaving the way to the heart open to healing energies, dissolving blockages and gently soothing away tensions.

We all know the saying “I’m in your hands”. It means trusting in the power and energy of the fingers that stroke and knead, and enjoying a massage of the mind and soul as well as the body. Slowly you come to realise that it is time to give yourself up to the feeling, let everything go and start your energies flowing again. Time to allow your emotions to gather momentum. To let the feelings of happiness and almost boundless comfort steal over you.

Your massage options in Obertauern:

Classic full massage

Full-body muscular (Swedish) massage to remove tension and relax the muscles. This treatment significantly improves circulation throughout the muscles and skin. This promotes relaxation and helps toxic substances to dissolve and be eliminated.  

approx. 50 min. € 89
approx. 75 min. € 136

Relaxation massage

A gentle full-body massage purely to relax.

approx. 50 min: € 89
approx. 75 min: € 136

Classic partial massage (back)

This treatment is usually focussed on the back, but you may prefer to pamper your legs, arms or hands instead. A muscular massage to remove tension and relax the muscles.

approx. 25 min. € 51

Ski-fit massage

A leg and foot massage for tired skiing muscles. This treatment will allow you to really enjoy your next day on the slopes. If you opt for the knee treatment, we will spend more time massaging the knee area.

approx. 25 min. € 51
with a focus on the knees, approx. 45 min. € 78

Combination massage

This combination of foot reflexology and classic massage techniques can significantly improve the effects on muscles and body.

Combination massage I, approx. 45 min. € 89 
comprising approx. 20 minutes of foot reflexology massage focusing on the spine and affiliated muscles, along with those of the neck and shoulder area and approx. 25 minutes of back massage.

Combination massage II, approx. 75 min. € 142
comprising approx. 20 minutes of foot reflexology massage and approx. 55 minutes of full massage.

Foot reflexology massage

A reflexology treatment for the entire body delivered through the feet aimed at identifying vulnerable points and addressing these as needed.

approx. 25 min. € 59

Honex back treatment

Connective tissue massage followed by a beeswax wrap with propolis; this is followed by a back massage.

approx. 50 min. € 94

Classic facial massage

Designed to nurture, pamper and relax.

approx. 20 min. € 47

Head free massage

During this massage, the head, neck and shoulders are massaged, both the muscules and the scalp are relaxed. This can reduce tension headache or provide a complete solution. 

approx. 25 min. € 51

Lymphatic drainage

Soft, flowing and pumping massage to clear blockages and detoxify. Very soothing whilst removing built-up fluid in tissue.

Lymphatic drainage of the face, approx. 20 min. € 54
Lymphatic drainage of the body, approx. 25 min. € 59
Fully-body lymphatic drainage, approx. 50 min. € 107

Cupping massage for the back

Begins with a relaxing back massage. Then, blockages in the skin layers and fascia of the back are removed by means of cupping glasses, which simultaneously intensify blood flow and reduce muscle tension.

approx. 45 min. € 89
cupping only, approx. 20 min. € 51

Cupping treatment with tissue massage

This combination is particularly intensive. Blod flow in the treated regions is increased substantially, while connective tissue and the fascia are loosened and relaxed. 

approx. 45 min. € 89

Tissue massage

An intense, stimulating massage to remove blockages in the skin layers and promote circulation with reflexive benefits for the organs.
This treatment focuses on the back.

Tissue massage and back massage, approx. 45 min. € 89
only tissue massage, approx. 20 min. € 51

Hot stone massage

The hot stone treatment is a gentle massage for the whole body. Hot basalt stones and warm oil combine to produce deep relaxation. 

Standard, approx. 50 min. € 105
Special, approx. 75 min. € 142

Alpine stone pine back massage

The proven calming effect of Alpine stone pine on the heart leads to a reduction in stress level. The treatment is carried out with special warm pine wood tools.

approx. 25 min. € 59
full body treatment approx. 75 min. € 147

Stamp massage with alpine herbs

Activating, detoxifying - in other words, wonderful care for the skin, pur & simple. The herbal stamps are filled with select alpine herbs from the surrounding mountain world. The stamps are dipped in fragrant warm oils, then drawn over the body or face to a special rhythm.

Back approx. 25 min. € 59
Full body approx. 50 min. € 112

Kids massage with chocolate oil

A comfortable, gentle, stroking massage technique to pamper the legs and back. This treatment can also involve warm chocolate oil.
After the massage, your child will receive a small, sweet surprise.

approx. 20 min. € 47

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