Herzenslust – your Heart’s Desire


Our cuvée, the perfect blend of indulgence and excitement...

Follow your fingertips and taste with your heart. From a relaxed breakfast to a delicious dinner, or just a little snack in between times. Enjoyment brings freedom. Especially when it delights the eye as well as making the heart leap. Guaranteed authentic local and regional ingredients. Simple meals with an international flair and spicy snacks – from mild to wild and fillet to tenderloin.

Regional and international. Local and global.

Savour it all at Hotel Tauernherz.

Our cuisine is characterised by a charming dichotomy. Indulge your “heart’s desire” with the full range from entrée to sorbet. That’s our motto. Our cuisine is all heart, and our menu selection offers attractive contrasts: haute cuisine and hearty local delights, Mediterranean and urban.

Because simple is still the best. And, cross my heart, it will please your palate the longest. That’s why we offer your “heart’s desire”, full of all things good for you. An expansive range of tasty treats, from easy to healthy, delicate to robust and rustic to haute cuisine. A hint of home, a pinch of passion, plenty of local produce, seasoned with international subtleties and refined with recipes from grandmother’s Pongau roots: a cool philosophy. Trendy cuisine. Filleted, marinaded, blanched or au gratin, we’ve put our heart into it. The result? The main thing is, it tastes great!

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